Elit Project – Hugo Gatica

My project, “Night Time Maneuvers” is an interactive visual novel where the reader is asked to escape the safety of their shell, their only safe space, as they pursue a soothing sound among the chaos of the outside and the inner turmoil of the mind. It’s a narrative shaped by depression and anxiety, and isContinue reading “Elit Project – Hugo Gatica”

Chapter #3 – Where I’m At Right Now

As of tonight, I feel like I’m at a comfortable spot as to where I’d like my project to be. Story-wise, I have a much firmer grasp on how the story unfolds. A huge help was last week’s Breakout sessions, so I have to give a huge thanks to both Maura and Amber for helpingContinue reading “Chapter #3 – Where I’m At Right Now”

Finding Solace at the Window

I think of all the electronic literature pieces I have experienced so far, Windows is the one that resonated with me the hardest. If I wasn’t already sold on the practice and principle of digital literature already, this piece would have made me a fan. That being said, it’s heartbreaking knowing that I cannot experienceContinue reading “Finding Solace at the Window”

Analysis – Bots and Trope

The concept of Bots intrigued me on some level as I had some experience writing a computer-generated bot of sorts for one of my art class finals. A lot of work goes into writing a series of code that must operate independently or with the input of someone, generating a series of responses and effectsContinue reading “Analysis – Bots and Trope”

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