Elit Project – Hugo Gatica

My project, “Night Time Maneuvers” is an interactive visual novel where the reader is asked to escape the safety of their shell, their only safe space, as they pursue a soothing sound among the chaos of the outside and the inner turmoil of the mind. It’s a narrative shaped by depression and anxiety, and isContinue reading “Elit Project – Hugo Gatica”

Chapter #3 – Where I’m At Right Now

As of tonight, I feel like I’m at a comfortable spot as to where I’d like my project to be. Story-wise, I have a much firmer grasp on how the story unfolds. A huge help was last week’s Breakout sessions, so I have to give a huge thanks to both Maura and Amber for helpingContinue reading “Chapter #3 – Where I’m At Right Now”

Chapter #2 – Getting Work Done

Battling through this project has proven to be quite a challenge. I’ve spent the last few days tweaking and reworking, revising and scrapping, and questioning myself to get to a satisfying point of where to leave my work. I considered heavily using a new program called Ren’Py, but it’s proving to be too ambitious forContinue reading “Chapter #2 – Getting Work Done”

Chapter #1 – Drawing Out a Map

I honestly can say that I’m nervous about the coming weeks ahead. It’s a good nervous though, I feel like I’m back in familiar territory, working on a final project (creatively) in a short time-span, reminiscent of my time at Mason Gross. I can’t wait to meticulously obsess over every detail, experimenting and reforming asContinue reading “Chapter #1 – Drawing Out a Map”

Navigating a New World

For next week’s e-lit pieces, I navigated through Redshift and Portalmetal by micha cardenas and RedRidinghood by Donna Leishman. Unfortunately, try as I might, I couldn’t get the latter to work properly in any capacity, so my writing will focus solely in the former. Redshift and Portalmetal operated through hypertext links, asking the viewer toContinue reading “Navigating a New World”

Getting Lost in Exploration

This week we read Letter to Linus by William Gillespie and Reconstructing Mayakovsky by Illya Szilak. Both of these e-lits are similar in their design and approaches, utilizing hyperlinks to navigate between ‘pages’ to understand what is being said. If I’m going to be honest (and it pains me a lot to even think this),Continue reading “Getting Lost in Exploration”

The Impact of Motions

Motions by Hazel Smith is an interactive literature piece using JavaScript to allow readers to navigate through a series of images and text. The main subject of said piece focuses on human trafficking/contemporary slavery and how it represents one of the most negative aspects of globalization. The idea of trafficking is a disgusting habit someContinue reading “The Impact of Motions”

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