Chapter #3 – Where I’m At Right Now

As of tonight, I feel like I’m at a comfortable spot as to where I’d like my project to be.

Story-wise, I have a much firmer grasp on how the story unfolds. A huge help was last week’s Breakout sessions, so I have to give a huge thanks to both Maura and Amber for helping me find a better footing to stand on, because since then I’ve just about finished the basic story points and I’m fine-tuning them into the story. That was my biggest worry lately. It’s still a bit too far away to declare any sort of victory, but now I have the means to achieve.

I don’t want to give up too much on story because it will give away a lot of what I’m trying to achieve, and I feel by doing so will take away direction/agency from the viewer, which is the last thing I want done. If anything, go at your own pace and make it your own experience. Oh and pay attention to punctuation points throughout, who knows what they might hold?

I’m still using Twine for all my programming needs, messing around with the code as I see fit. I’m not straying too far because what I have to work with on default is more than enough for what I want. I have no issue with writing, linking, scripting and embedding images.

That is, images are easy to use. It’s not the same thing with audio, which is something I’m really fighting to make work as I think it’s integral to the experience, but I’m not marrying myself to the idea so that if it needs scrapping, I have to be ready for it. That being the case, I’m stubborn about it so I’m working on it as much as I can. It would hurt because I have all my audio at the ready.

That’s honestly it for what I have to share now. I’m hoping the final realization is closer enough to what I envisioned, but as a trained artist I’m opening myself up to anything that happens between then and now, going with the flow rather than fighting against one hurdle. I hope to see everyone’s work by the end of the semester!

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